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Understanding Self-Protection Part 3: On Guilt and Framing Your Mindset for Surviving an Asocial Attack


Since Adam and Eve stepped out of the Garden, the world has known death and disease, war and pestilence.  The shortages of food and fuel are chief reasons for us to war among nations and often among individuals in survival or disaster settings.  The sad fact of the matter is that all the platitudes we […]

Understanding Self-Protection Part 2: Balancing the Equation between Size, Strength and Training


The very first thing to know regarding the participation in an asocially violent encounter is that the amount of training that you do is of absolutely no concern IF you are not training asocially. This means that all the MMA/Reality-Based/Martial Arts training that you do has no impact on the outcome of a truly asocial […]

Understanding Self-Protection Part 1: Understanding Criminal/Asocial Violence v. Social/Anti-Social Violence


The act of individual self-protection was a fundamental lynch-pin in the constructs of this nation. We have convoluted the conditions under which we may claim the right to action in our own defense or in the defense of those we love so badly that we are at risk of losing it altogether if we do not assert it decisively and force the court and law enforcement systems to once again embrace it as a central tenet of our social structure.

When Fear Gets Us Hurt


One of the things I have noticed in the many years I worked personal protection and taught self-protection was the unflagging conviction that the vast majority of people had about criminal attacks and how it would affect them. Almost without fail they believe that they travelled in circles that would not experience real criminal violence because they went to “good” parts of town, or the lived in “good” neighborhoods, or the shopped in “upscale” places that didn’t let “those kinds” of people in.

Getting People Hurt


Teach the horrible reality of what asocial violence is so your clients never want to posture, or needlessly challenge another, or fight out of ego. On the flip side they will not have to fear criminals, because they know what is required to survive. Putting trauma with the intent to harm the person attacking is simple, direct and devastating but the mindset to choose to do that needs the truth of the issue to present itself so the decision becomes firmly rooted and instinctively accepted.

The Fourth of July; On Choosing Victimhood


As I celebrate the Fourth of July, 2010, I am given pause to wonder what kind of path we will walk and the kind of nation we will become for my children to inherit.  With the fear of those who consider themselves individualists/constitutionalists rising as the current administration, its appointees, and czars push a radical […]

The Mecca of the West


The repeated defiance of the world’s leadership to recognize and name the current fight against totalitarian theocracy is endangering people in every nation that has any place for freedom in its belief structures.  Training individuals, specialists and groups in hand to hand combat survival is my forte and passion.  It requires me to recognize all aspects of […]

The Dangerous Reliance on Firearms and Sport Training for Self-Protection


The current situation we find ourselves in is the “gun culture” or more aptly the “gun dependency culture”. It is a culture that emphasizes reliance upon the use of a tool such as a gun or knife to defend oneself. Now in many instances this is a sound choice. When confronted by an armed thug […]

Are Our Schools and Their Political Leadership Ready for The Next Wave of Terrorist Attacks?


September 11, 2001 marked a day in which our lives changed for the foreseeable future. Gone was the insular nature that had allowed us to see from afar the acts of terror that had been going on in the Islamic spread dating back to Mohammed’s slaughter of innocents after being exiled in the early 600’s […]

Disarming a Citizenry and Training People into Victimhood


This is a piece I wrote some time ago that I am revisiting due to a conversation I had not long ago with an educator discussing the zero tolerance rules for adjudicating student behavior. With the fear of gun owners rising at the reality of the democrat controlled house and senate there is an even […]