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The Fourth of July; On Choosing Victimhood

As I celebrate the Fourth of July, 2010, I am given pause to wonder what kind of path we will walk and the kind of nation we will become for my children to inherit.  With the fear of those who consider themselves individualists/constitutionalists rising as the current administration, its appointees, and czars push a radical statist agenda that ignore the Constitution like Biden ignores grammar, it is becoming alarmingly evident that an even more damning agenda is being furthered and it is aimed at our children.  It threatens the entire citizenry of the United States, and it does so by targeting the largest and easiest demographic to be segmented and poisoned – those children being educated in the public school domain. 

 The agenda is not new; it has been played time and again through history, always with catastrophic results from the perspective of individual freedom and the concepts of civil liberty and freedom.  We have seen in fairly recent history during Stalinist Russia and the subsequent years of Eastern Bloc Communism, under the Hitler’s Socialist Party in Germany during the 1930’s and 1940’s, in China since the 1949 Communist Revolution and in all other countries like Cuba, Venezuela, et al., where thugs and elitists believe themselves better able to choose the thoughts a population should properly think.  The mantra is the disarming of their minds and programming them to think and act like victims and dependents.

 With rhetoric from people like Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, Reid, Franks, and their ilk, we see an agenda that is eerily reminiscent of 1934 Germany and others who follow this thinking pattern.  This should not be surprising since most if not all of the political left tend to be mindless byproducts of an Alinsky-poisoned educational system.  When the central tenet of one’s epistemology is the communist vision of thuggery and gang organizing laid out by Marx in his pseudo-comedy manifesto, the results Alinsky, and those who followed him, should not surprise us and the stances and goals of those who wish to subvert our Constitution and co-opt the capitalism our founding fathers envisioned in order to re-establish a mercantile system of benefit to the elitists and those who control the Tammany Hall goons of the labor movement should be expected.  Community organizing was the ingenious term Alinsky used to describe his goon squad recruitment and indoctrinal processing.  The potential disarming and control over the economy that is being sought is staggering and it is aligned with what was established 75 years ago in Europe.  There are two very dangerous elements here.

 The first is the disarming of the citizenry.  An armed citizenry is essential to perform the actions we first see mentioned in our Declaration of Independence.  It reads that

“when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism,  it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

 The surest way to enable a civilian capability to follow the guidance of our forefathers in this most sacred of duties is to have it remain armed, and this is also the best form of defense against any foreign threat to our nation.  In fact I would assert that a trained rifleman is the essence of each American’s duty to this nation and the very first requirement to assure its inherent sovereignty that should fall upon those who would come here to call this their home.  I pray that the current administration will be able to remember those words and govern in a way where we never have to contemplate the words of our forefathers as a call to arms.  I am not convinced at this point that the current group of self-appointed demagogues in Washington have even considered the will of the people to date in their push to destroy the current form of government and replace it with one that is more controllable and subjugated so they may rule rather than govern.

 We have seen a Global Poverty Tax contemplated, the socialization of a medical system despite the fact that all others who have tried this have been abject failures, of pro-union laws that denigrate individuals and subject them to economic slavery and the whims of the union goons, and a plundering of the country’s present and future income to benefit friends of the Obama realm including the borrowing of billions to give to other countries with whom his court jesters have economic interests.  This clearly illustrates his disregard for one of the primary abuses cited in The Declaration.  The King back at the crossroads of the issuance of the Declaration, was purported to have “…combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution” and make no mistake, the Obama proposed bill does exactly that, giving away a portion of our taxation directed to the unending waste of U.N. corrupt leadership and greedy leeches is a jurisdiction ENTIRELY foreign to our constitution. 

 All of this sets the stage for a socio-political situation that is terrifying and the immediate point of this article and our right to self-protection.  While we are being disarmed and made reliant upon government employment and handouts, the indoctrination of our youth continues in the heavily socialist halls of public education.  Here students are encouraged to see the “vision” of a leader who has not been vetted in any legitimate manner by a media that used to be an effective watchdog but has lost all integrity and intellectual legitimacy, while being taught to memorize rather than think independently and avoiding logical discussion that questions the hierarchy in any manner.  During the 2008 elections I was told by many students that they are called racist for thinking independently (i.e. not agreeing with the mainstream media and the majority of their teachers) and threatened in the hallways or embarrassed in the classroom. 

 This treatment of our children with systemic bullying and as unthinking automatons, creates illogical situations that allow our schools to be prime targets for those enemies who would attack us and the criminal bullies who feed on our youth without care.  It is the tolling bell of our doom as a society if we purport to want a society that indeed embraces the tradition of the American Revolutionary leaders.  The fact that our teachers push this agenda having children chant and praise the leader is eerily reminiscent of the Hitler youth training programs that neatly organized the next generation of soldiers and believers for Hitler.

 I have talked before about the use of Emergency 911 and teaching students to accept being bullied and hit rather than to stand up to bullies and fight back if required to defend themselves.  The trend is accelerating in schools as the “no-tolerance” positions have hardened into “no thought” positions.  If a kid is being bullied and we say to that child “do not fight back on pain of suspension” we are in fact saying “let the goons do what they want to you and be a good little victim.”  This is absurd.  This is programming our children to mindlessly accept any state authority as legitimate.  It is obscene and the greatest dereliction of responsibility we as parents, teachers and a society at large could commit.

 Much like those who wish to do away with gun ownership, it punishes only the law abiding.  It criminalizes those who would stand up and defend the values this country was founded on and rewards the bully, criminal, terrorist and sycophant.  Bullies and their ilk get what they want, a victim they can prey upon without fear of reprisal.  Schools are rarely going to call the authorities and have charges pressed if they can bury it themselves by suspending both kids so the bully gets a free victim, and time off from the place he hates to be and the good kid gets to have a beating and then get thrown out of school and have a mark on his academic record that might hurt his college application.  Oh yeah, and the tax payer gets to spend money sending a tutor home to the suspended kids, so they get a free round of victimization.  Wow, sounds swell, sign me up.

 If we teach our kids to continue to be victims, they will become like that later on.  They will pick up the phone and call 911 and wait for the rescue as people attack them.  Or if they grow into teachers they will know no better than to hide in a room and let themselves and their students become victims if the gunman enters the room, never even thinking about fighting back, just accepting their fate as a sheep being led to the slaughter.  Remember the long lines of those who waited for trains and betrayed neighbors and friends demonized by the state?  Sound like Germany in the 1930’s?  It should.  Mind your business and we will take care of everything.  Orwell was prophetic; he just missed the date in his title.

 By extension this should scare people because if we are a school of lemmings and manufactured victims who surrender at each turn, we have much to fear from either the government that would strip us into economic and social slavery and servitude or a terrorist who would enslave or convert us to their religious viewpoint.  Either way learned victimhood has only one logical outcome – servility or dhimmitude.  Slavery or servility whether it be to the re-establishment of either the structures of feudal serfdom of early Europe, the re-institution of the oppression of censored life under socialist/communist rule, or the theocratic intolerance of the Caliphates of Islam.

 And the criminals will be those who hold office and those complicit who stood by and watched or encouraged the sacrificing of the essence of the greatest country on earth as it is destroyed on their watch to the social parasites who would feed upon the able and just.


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