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Are Our Schools and Their Political Leadership Ready for The Next Wave of Terrorist Attacks?

September 11, 2001 marked a day in which our lives changed for the foreseeable future. Gone was the insular nature that had allowed us to see from afar the acts of terror that had been going on in the Islamic spread dating back to Mohammed’s slaughter of innocents after being exiled in the early 600’s A.D. We stood face to face with an enemy who few knew and who many misunderstand through either a lack of information, a plethora of misinformation or a desire to ignore that which they find unpleasant.

Like any common criminal thug, the Islamic fundamentalists who attacked the World Trade Center that day had no regard for human life including their own. They continued a tradition dating back to the executions committed by Mohammed of all who stood in the way of his world view of tyranny under the guidelines of the theocratic world government outlined in the Qur’an, Shari’ah and Hadith.

These three books specifically outline a strategy that falls outside our concept of human interrelation. They advise using the Qur’an to lie to enemies as long as the greater goal means the spread of Islam, to kill those who will not submit (yes I know the Verses of the Pen say otherwise, but they are superseded and abrogated in moral authority by the Verses of The Sword which were written after them since the Qur’an is a book to be read chronologically rather than form front to back), and to recognize only two states of existence in the world; the state of Islam or the state of war to prepare for Islam.

The use of child bombers is abhorrent to us but not to the terrorists who view this as a holy war and the only way to true salvation lies in dying in jihad efforts. They believe, as the jurisprudence of the Islamic system of belief dictates, that they have to conquer the world, as Malcolm X would say “by any means necessary”. Killing kids is perfectly acceptable targeting for these terrorists and that is what makes their list of new target focus so scary. It applies to the next set of targets they have begun actively encouraging their supporters to strike among us; malls, random assassination of those who dare question or oppose them, and perhaps most heinously, our schools.

The fact is that they encourage massive hostage taking for the sole purpose of slaughtering them in a “terrifying” way. The fact is they have outlined in a series of manuals that provide specific information on how to attack such targets to inflict maximum casualties. This should cause us to fear for our children as never before, and recognize that our current model of lockdown/hide-in-place is the worst possible strategy since it incorporates no proactive strategy and provides no tactical training for the staff in case of a terrorist attack.

It can be safely assumed that the “terrifying” manner is consistent with what we have seen followers of Mohammad use before, emulating Mohammad’s own techniques outlined in the Hadith for inducing terror, beheading kneeling victims with a small sword or knife. This means that by piling our kids into several small holding cells (classrooms) and gathering them together we simplify their attack strategy and make it easier to kill our kids and the staff in our schools.
We cannot rely on the police or the military to protect soft targets; it is impossible both from an economic and manpower perspecitve . We must look for ways that are capable of fitting into the lockdown/shelter-in-place model of school response planning we see already occurring.

The fact is that first responders are always there AFTER something happens. How many kids do we have to sacrifice before we drop the bean-counters worry about litigious criminals/terrorists who might be hurt by training our teachers to learn to protect themselves and the children they are charged with caring for. We already have legislation that forces teachers to report suspected parental violence towards kids, why do they not have a focused classroom defense protocol? Surely, if you asked the victims of any school shooting be it in West Virginia, or Columbine, in the United States, Beslan in Russia or Finland, I am sure everyone would have thought it impossible to happen there.  Yet it did, and it will happen elsewhere.  Do we simply hope that we never live elsewhere?

While currently there is only an extremely limited number of trainings that can interface with active shooter response by our active shooter communities, they do exist.  Imminent Threat Defense Systems LLC offers the TEACHSAFE™: Educator Emergency Violence Response Training, an addendum course that dovetails with the educational lockdown/shelter-in-place model as well as LEO/first responder interface planning and all of this for FAR less than the cost of a monitoring system or therapy after an incident takes many innocent lives.

There are training options out there. We implore the educational professionals, their unions and the legislators responsible in the both the federal and state levels to start looking at this before the terrorist launch an attack. Please for the sake of our kids get proactive and do not wait to train our teachers until after an attack occurs.


One Response to “Are Our Schools and Their Political Leadership Ready for The Next Wave of Terrorist Attacks?”

  1. Stev egreta points youy make in this post. The threats are emergong and real. Our training sadly is not anywhere near up to par. It’s time to change this and develop more full spectrum cops who cna deal with hthese types of threats. It take more than courage and strength of character, we must include “know how” as well.

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