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Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet

I just received a call from a long-time friend who affirms himself an ardent pacifist. He has lived in relative wealth all his life and lives in a manner where he has never been faced with any criminal violence that those around him don’t step in and deal with for him. He believes all violence regardless of cause is the action of lower worth beings not dignifying a response. He pointed to a sign he had seen on the news as an example of humans who were animals. It was found on a door leading out of India Company’s Combat Operations Center says, ‘Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet.’ “This is why militaries should be abolished!” he proclaimed. Well there was a brief discussion in which I tried to demonstrate the fallacy of his blathering.

 I pointed out that that is exactly what I teach my clients. I believe that since criminal attacks seek out the nearest available target for victimization, we should always prepare to protect ourselves and our families. I pointed out that we did not have criminals, rapists and murderers wearing a bright orange jumpsuit and sign saying “I intend to cause you physical trauma or death” that we could not know who was a psychotic killer or gangland thug. After all how many of the people who met Ted Bundy thought of him as charming and witty, before they knew him as the serial killer he was. I pointed out that India Company was in a COMBAT ZONE. This means operating where the possibility of someone trying to kill you was a guarantee, not a random act committed by one criminal, but a concerted effort by a sworn enemy.

 I pointed out that the military was what kept us free. Not speech writers, the ever-fraudulent theorists of the acid-induced 60’s ACLU (yes I know they were actually started in the 1920’s by Eastman and Baldwin for use by the Communist Political Association, under the helm of Browder and functioning as, in his words, “a transmission belt” for the CPA), campus activists trying to figure out, in their MTV induced angst, a cause that might validate mom or dad paying for education that included beer bong parties and electric Jello shots, the ardent supporters of increased government dependence on entitlements, or those who wish to take the right of self-protection away from individuals.  The guy willing to stand a post and leave his family to risk his life or take anothers life is what guaranteed his right to the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.  By the way, lawyers don’t guarantee anything other than billing hours for those of you who think our overly litigious society keeps things in line. And let’s not kid ourselves, while we often proclaim America is at war with terrorism, the reality is we have made virtually no sacrifice at home and so our military is at war (governed, sadly, by a man who has proclaimed in one of his autobiographies, he would side with the Muslims who attack us if it got nasty); America is largely at the mall.

 You see our Constitution is really where the idea of having a plan to kill everyone you meet comes from. It doesn’t mean “pray for the chance to kill”, or “plot the murder of”. It simply means that in a world where violence can happen randomly, you better plan with your eyes wide open, and when you see the bad guys get to the place where you see the whites of their eyes and take action to stop them. The reason for the Constitution having this underpinning is found in the Declaration of Independence where the colonists acted when the tyranny of the British was finally too heavy a yoke for them to bear.

 When you go out in the world, this translates into situational awareness. Many of the victims of mall shootings, school shootings, robberies, rapes, assaults, and other murders did not have a plan. They did not have a plan and thus did not know where exits were located, they did not think about what it takes to survive and defeat a criminal and so they chose through lack of situational awareness and mental preparation to poise them in a position that dictated they become a victim.

 Now please don’t protest that I am making this their fault, I am not. The fact of the matter is that the random nature of violence makes it impossible to prevent entirely. What I am saying is that with a little forethought, like the mindset the heroes of India Company encourage in their sign, many of the people who were made victims by the criminals might have survived and put the criminals on the ground instead. Learning to see places that present an opportunity to act in a proactive manner and to “be prepared” present themselves every where we go. Just as criminals can attack anywhere at anytime, if we are mentally prepared to act against them the playing grounds are even and good can win because this time the good people had a “plan to kill everyone they meet.” Only when this happens can we live in a society where proper social interaction can occur without discord or fear as the governing rule.


5 Responses to “Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet”

  1. Tom’s knowledge base is based in a fantasy world he has created for himself. http://www.winnipegsun.com/news/manitoba/2010/11/01/15913201.html

  2. The above post by “Staff Sergeant Thomas Hanna RCMP” is an immoral and illegal entry. He is not who or what he states here and many other places. He’s now in custody with a long list of offences. The great detail in his fallacious posts is a degree of would seem to indicate a serious degree delusion, grandiosity, and total detachment from reality. Some serious stuff going on inside “S. Sgt. Tom Hanna’s” head. Sad and scarey!

  3. BTW, the real staff sergeant of that detachment has asked that if we see posts from him in online to please let folks know, spread the word…Tom/Thomas Hanna is a fraud, not a LEO. This guy suckered me too and I’ve forwarded the “information” he gave me to the (real) RCMP sergeant.

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